The Late Homecomer Analysis

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In The Late Homecomer, we follow a family of Hmong people through their many hardships and the eventual struggle to become Americans. A young Kao, her sister Dawb, her mother, father, and grandmother manage to preserve through everything thrown at them by relying on family, a theme evident throughout the novel. Love, however is what helps them prevail though the trials they face as a family and a people and is what becomes an understated, but reoccurring theme in the novel, The Late Homecomer.
When assigned with choosing a favorite passage, one quote immediately came to mind. It can be found towards the bottom of the page 199and reads, “I wrote about the love I felt I knew: Love is the reason why my mother and father stick together in a hard life when they might each have an easier one apart; love is the reason why you choose a life with someone, and you don't turn back although your heart cries sometimes and your children see you cry and you wish out loud that things were easier. Love is getting up each day and fighting the same fight only to sleep that night in the same bed beside the same person because long ago, when you were younger and you did not see so clearly, you had chosen them.” I first read this passage as a part of the assigned reading. But I re-read, and re-read, and re-read this passage because it spoke to me more than any other in the book. I found it to be simple, but beautiful, and extremely precise. Kao felt she had no personal experience with love but
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