The Late Middle Ages And Medieval Times

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The Middle Ages, or Medieval Times, lasted from the fifth to fifteenth centuries in European history. Specifically, 1300-1500 brought about the period known as the Late Middle Ages. In this period, a decline of the quality of life became apparent. The Late Middle Ages is viewed largely as the early beginnings of what would become the Renaissance only a couple of centuries later. Even being the late part of the Middle Ages, much of this time was still prevalently medieval much like the earlier centuries. Although there was some hope for a continuing era, many signs pointed toward the end of the medieval times as a whole, and inevitably, towards a renaissance. The Black Death, Dante’s The Divine Comedy, and Paolo Ucello’s The Battle of San Romano were very significant during the Late Middle Ages and thus significantly helped to lead to the end of the Medieval Times and towards development of the Renaissance.
The Black Death was the beginning of the end of the Late Middle Ages and Medieval Times. Decreasing Europe’s population by twenty-five to fifty percent in just four short years, the Bubonic Plague was devastating. Europe during this time period lacked proper sanitation. Brought in from Asia, fleas from rats spread it; people would become infected easily. Symptoms included a painstakingly high fever and internal bleeding. The victim’s chances of falling to their deaths due to the plague was at a high fifty percent. The Black Death had many impacts on Europe due to the high
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