The Latest Major Dota 2 Tournament On Mainstream Popularity And Acceptance

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The latest major Dota 2 tournament was met with a huge reception and the largest prize pool in e-sports history to date. For the developers Valve, the tournament was a huge success and another stepping stone in e-sports rapid rise towards mainstream popularity and acceptance. However Valve also made another and no less profound statement of intent with the tournament that marks them as a distinctive force in the e-sports and wider gaming industry and that is one of emphasising the generative power of play. This statement of intent became clear after a controversial incident occurred with the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere who employed a strategy that many considered to be a ‘bug’, ‘glitch’ or ‘exploit’, or at least, certainly to an outsiders view. The strategy in question was the now infamous ‘fountain hook’ Pudge / Chen combination that utilises a unique ability of the two champions (Pudges ‘Meat Hook’ and Chens ‘Test of Faith’) to create an effectively unstoppable move that pulls an enemy hero into the certain death of the base fountain if executed correctly. The ‘if’ word is key here. This was an extremely hard combination to successfully employ that not only relies on a perfection of team unity in combining moves, but also on a huge level of individual skill on the part of Natus Vincere’s ‘Dendi’ in landing the initial Meat Hook from Pudge. However for the average spectator, many of whom were from a League of Legends background (1), it looked like an (albeit fun) exploit
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