The Lathe Of Heaven Analysis

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I noticed that the monolog mirrors the sheet music in a really neat way. The music repeats notes and adds new ones in each following stanza (I do not think they are called stanzas, but as I said, I am not great musical genius). Similarly Annabelle’s monologue builds on itself, repeat many of the words in each new sentence but adding a couple of new ones as well. I think this also sets the tone for the somewhat shocking ending. It’s basically a crescendo. In addition to the way that repetition makes the voices and tone of the play musical, I think that it’s also important and, of course, intentional that Highway uses the women’s, origins and locations as the backbone of the play. The four women, each presumably representing one of the four strings…show more content…
I have already recommend it to a number of people. As a big fan of science fiction, I am excited to have been introduced to a new author in the genera. I think this is a book with a tremendous amount of staying power. Le Guin had, in my opinion, a tremendous amount of forethought in writing this book. Her environmental concerns, along with her treatment of medical ethics, seem very much ahead of her time. Several times while I was reading I had to double check the publication date.. Much of the book, considering the period during which it was written, feels prophetic in the style of Brave New World and 1984. I am dumbfounded that I have not heard of this book previously, and I am not going to go on a feminist rant about why I suspect that…show more content…
In fact, we muck it up at almost every turn. As we have discussed in class, even now, when we attempt to apply our technologies for the proverbial power of good in environmental terms, more often than not, we end up causing harm. Imagine there is an over population in one species, so, thinking that we are addressing this over-population in an eco-conscious manner, another species is brought in to eat the first one. This is done not realizing that the first species in the only food source for some other species and the super aggressive second species eats all of the first species and the other species, which happens to only exist in this one very unique biome, is now extinct. This has been done over and over. We mean well, we just don’t quite get it right because we are interfering and assuming that on some level we can outsmart nature, when in fact, we obviously can’t. We just keep turning the people grey, so to
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