The Latin Grammar Guide Essay

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The Latin Grammar Guide Liz Bonaccorsi Period 2 Table of Contents Things to Remember Participles Ablatives Absolute Deponent Verbs Gerunds Gerundives of Purpose Main Clause Subjunctives Hortatory Jussive Subordinate Clause Subjunctives Purpose Clauses Indirect Commands Result Clauses Cum Clauses Circumstantial Causal Concessive Infinitives Indirect Statements Comparison of Adjectives Comparison of Adverbs Things to Remember Masculine Feminine Neuter Translation nom. sg. quî quae quod who,which, what, that gen. sg. cuius cuius cuius of whom, of which dat. sg. cui cui cui to whom;to which acc. sg. quem quam quod whom, which, that abl. sg. quô quâ quô by whom; by which nom. pl. quî quae quae who,…show more content…
English WILL NOT begin with a Participle or a Noun!!!! SWWAB Since When While After Because Examples Cornelia sub arbore sedente, ancilla in villam currit. With Cornelia sitting under the tree, the slave woman runs into the house. Pompeius duce, Romani in Galliam festinabant. With Pompey leading as general, the Romans were hurrying into Gaul. Vidente Corneliā Sextum ex villam curnt. When Cornelia sees Sextus she runs out of the house. Deponents ablative with deponent verbs: the ablative (of means) is used as the object of the following verbs utor, uti, usus sum: to use (to employ myself by means of) fruor, frui, fructus sum: to enjoy (to
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