The Latin Word La Raza

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The Latin word La Raza, spoken by many Latin-Americans united by culture and spiritual beliefs, is translated into the race. This idea of La Raza brings the cultures separated around the world together based on the similar ideas of a great destiny and culture values. There are many concepts that are different from the Anglos, which translates to white, English speaking American, but there are many attributes that are similarly seen within each culture. Among many Anglos, there is a racist assumption that those who are Mexican are lazy when there are cultural reasons for the way Latin-Americans choose to live. Those among the Mexican culture has a strong belief in a splendid destiny planned by God that hasn’t occurred based on the culture or groups of Mexican people’s sins; such as, the thieves and drunks (William, 1964, p. 15). This belief in God already having a plan for each individual among the earth has created a calm atmosphere toward planning for the future. Many Mexican Americans consider the act to plan frivolous because God has already planned their future, and they permit fate to control their decisions. Instead of planning for the future, the most important role is family responsibilities among the male and female presently. As stated in William’s article,” Gregorio said, ‘I owe everything to my family. Were it not for my parents’ love for each other, I would never have been born. They raised me and taught me all I know…When one has a family, one is never alone
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