The Latino Political Experience : The Electoral Based And The Household Model

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Question 3 The Latino political experience, much like the experience of other minority groups, has been about fighting for inclusion. In order to be included into mainstream society Latinos had to use different methods to get their grievances heard. In a system that was not designed to benefit minorities, Latinos had to put aside their differences and come together in order to address to economic, political, and social marginalization they faced. Due to restructuring and globalization large segments of the Latino population were excluded from effective economic and political access and participation. As their numbers increased Latinos began to utilize different methods to address the changes in their communities. They used two main methods which reflected two conceptions of empowerment, the electoral based and the household model. The electoral based model is a form of empowerment that focuses on mainstream electoral politics. It is based on the assumption that the traditional electoral system is capable of addressing latino issues and having a policy agenda reflects the interests of latinos. This model use the political system and the use of institutional power to gain inclusion and recognition in the politics. It is focused on getting greater number of Latinos in office in order to have representatives who are actually Latino. The goal however, is to gain inclusion into the existing system instead of reforming it because it fails to give all people equal access. The
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