The Laughing Man by J.D. Salinger

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Salinger (Jerome Davis Salinger) was said by some people to be one of the best American Authors of past century. Salinger’s works reflects the many experiences he had as a child. One of the more common focuses tends to be his fascination with protecting the innocence in children.
Salinger was born in New York City an attended public school until he switched to the exclusive McBurney School. In attending this school, Salinger was called an “academically unexceptional student”. After this he was sent to the Valley Forge Military Academy. During his time there he added to the literary magazine and yearbook. After this he went on to NYU for a short amount of time.
Teddy, a short story that details a young boys life, is an example of Salinger’s struggle with the corruption of a child’s mind by the pursuit of knowledge. In this story Teddy McArdle is an extremely smart boy. Similarly to the other stories in Nine Stories, this one also is about the loss of childhood innocence and trying to get it back, even though it may be too late. Just like the others, this one also features an adult and child relationship/interaction. Like Salinger, Teddy is interested in eastern philosophy and believes that he has lived thousands of lives through incarnation. He also believes that at one point in time he was very close to enlightenment. He said that the reason he didn't reach enlightenment was because he fell in love with a girl. In his next life he said he didn't want that to happen…
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