The Law And Its Effect On Society

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The law is something many people would associate as serious and unamusing. Mortimer Zuckerman would fall into that category. In fact, Zuckerman felt so strongly about this matter that he “decided law was the exact opposite of sex; even when it was good, it was lousy.” Zuckerman remains the Chief Executive Officer of Boston Properties, worth over two and a half billion U.S. dollars. A gentleman of such high status could not make such an assertion without some sort of education regarding the matter at hand. The law is exactly the opposite of sex. The law is not completed by any living thing, remains alone, is completely silent, fully clothed, utterly boring and does not engage nor stimulate the brain. The word “law” stands for Lousy, Annoying, and Woeful. The law calls to abandon all enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness to sit in complete silence by yourself as punishment for living. People who practice this profession are woeful creatures who despise life and all it has to offer. These odd creatures find some sort of solace in being paid to sit in silence and reflect on how many monumentally corrupt things there truly are in their lives. Their job being at the top of the list. Many may have sat in silence for so long that they have lost their sense of sound all together. Their ears may be plugged so full of wax and unhappiness that they cannot hear anything but the silence their career requires. This means none of them have spouses because nothing talks more than a married

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