The Law And Law Code

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I know that people deserve the right to defend themselves in court, however a person cannot adequately defend themselves unless they are very familiar with the law. This is precisely the reason why lawyers exist. The law is very complex, so rather than forcing someone to go to law school for ten years, we have them hire lawyers to help them with the law. Basically, the average person does not know law enough to successfully defend himself or herself in court. I know that the law code is extensive. It would take a very long time to get through it even if you read constantly. II. Why am I interested: I can’t really remember when I became fascinated in the field of law and order. It was probably immediately after I started watching the show, you guessed it, “Law and Order.” I became so interested with the court, the jury, the judge, but I found the lawyer to be the most interesting position of them all. Whenever my parents found me not telling the truth, or misbehaving, I would play pretend and respond to my parents with something along the lines of: “ I plead guilty, your honor.” I used to look back on it as something humorous and something I didn’t seriously want to do. Although, now I can see clearly that it was one of the most serious of jobs, with huge competition and challenge. The task of the defense lawyer is making sure the prosecution proves guilt beyond reasonable doubt. It seems to be one of the noblest things a human can do. I would also certainly like to find

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