The Law Enforcement Of A Police Officer

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The purpose of law enforcement is to protect the lives and property of both the community’s citizens and people who visit and work in the community. There are many different levels of law enforcement careers such as local, state and federal agencies. There are also many different occupations within the law enforcement field. One of those occupations is a police officer. (10 Things You Need to Consider Before Becoming a Police Officer, Criminology, August 2012, Timothy Roufa, Criminology Careers Expert). To become a police officer it takes more than just wanting to carry a gun and “catch the bad guys”. The hiring process will be long. After submitting an application, each candidate must go through a written test, a physical agility test, an oral interview or two, a “background” check of nearly every aspect of his life, including driving records, drug or alcohol usage, a thorough medical and psychological exam, and a polygraph test. Then after that, each candidate must go through an exhausting physical and mental challenge known as the Police Academy. If the candidates make it through the Police Academy then they advance to on-the-job training known as Field Training, which is even more difficult than the Police Academy. After all of this training and becoming a police officer, one would have to ask themselves if the job is worth it. Police officers are put into dangerous situations daily. After all they have to deal with drunks, the mentally disabled…
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