The Law Enforcement Of Public Police Department Essay

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Introduction ________________________________________ The following are all mottos from various departments throughout Wisconsin: “Honor, Integrity, Service” – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Department “Pride in Policing” – Lake Mills Police Department “To Protect and Serve” – Jefferson Police Department “Protecting our Community” – Whitewater Police Department “Making a Difference” – Middleton Police Department With such statements of promise and commitment, that are generalizable to other police departments throughout the United States, why is it today, that we have this growing “problem” with law enforcement that includes a lack of trust between the public and police. This past year, we have seen a rise in the number of news reports on police shootings, abuse of authority, and corruption. While the loudest voice of all, is that of the Black Lives Matter group, there have been complaints throughout the country from a growing number of communities. It wasn’t long until the retaliation began. The public had been stirred into a frenzy and were targeting the police in whatever way they could. From protests, that quickly turned to riots, and then shootings, Police were ambushed while responding to fake 911 calls. The only “crime” many the officers had committed, was wearing the uniform and serving their community. It didn’t matter to the public, they wanted revenge. This paper will look to explain several factors that I believe may be aiding in the tension
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