The Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Website Statistics

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Abstract In 2014, the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial website Statistics (November 2014), Retrieved from (http://www. has estimated there have been 106 law enforcement officer deaths. Of those listed there were 43 deaths were from gunfire, 10 from vehicular assaults and 2 from physical assault. Does the community have a relationship with law enforcement? This term paper will review incidents of attacks on law enforcement, efforts of community policing and past incidents leading toward possible future threats on officers. The intent of this paper will discuss the question of are law enforcement safe and are they equipped or prepared for the threats of the present and future? Additionally, this term paper will review the possibilities of officer safety being compromised.

“Adequacy of Police Training and Strategy” In an article by Gene Johnson (November 30, 2009), “4 police officers killed at coffee shop. Officials near Tacoma seek man freed from Arkansas prison.” from the Washington Post, Retrieved from /11/29/ AR200911 2902784.html discussed an incident which occurred in Parkland, Washington. The area of Parkland is patrolled by the Lakewood Police Department an agency of approximately 100 peace officers. The incident was an ambush-like attack on four officers in a coffee shop. The suspect in the incident entered the coffee shop as a customer while four officers were sitting inside. The
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