The Law Enforcement Reform Throughout The Past 25 Years

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n effort to correct these abuses. Seattle, Oakland, and New Orleans Police Departments have also been placed under Federal monitoring after similar suits were filed against those agencies (Winston, 2013).
Mistrust and opposition of law enforcement officers with the communities they serve continues to be a situation that garners much public attention. Allegations of police brutality, over policing, and militarization of the police are prevalent among campus discussions. Activists are calling for reform and accountability of law enforcement agencies. Is there a problem with policing in America?
This study will analyze the history law enforcement reform in the past 25 years. This situations that have led to public out cry for police reform will be viewed anlon with the efforts that law enforcement agencies have accomplished to gain public trust to date. This paper will also addresses some additional steps that need to be taken to further the public trust.
While there is a long history of the demand for the reform of police tactics in the area of use of force as well as the need for better intercultural relations, the most notorious incident in the past 25 years surrounded a traffic stop in 1991 in Los Angeles, California. A bystander videotaped an African American male, Rodney King, being struck with police batons and being kicked by four members of the Los Angeles Police Department (Walker, 2007). The four officers were charged criminally following an…
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