The Law Enforcement System And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The Law enforcement system is one of the major components within the Criminal Justice System. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime (2008), The Law enforcement system plays a critical key role within the Criminal Justice system, since “Law enforcement officers take reports for crimes that happen in the area, then the officers investigate crimes and both gather and protect evidence, officers may arrest offenders, give testimony during the court process, and conduct follow up investigations if needed.” In addition, in this essay I will be discussing about, the cause and effect of how the law enforcement system relates to unethical behavior, to police subcultures, and finally, corruption prevention programs. First of allUnethical behavior relates to the Law enforcement system, since according to Martin ( 2011), he states that Research into police corruption offers some understanding of the phenomenon in the hope of rooting out this behavior that serves to undermine the overall legitimacy of law enforcement. Theories on the role of society in law enforcement, the negative influence of an officer’s department, and a person’s own natural tendency to engage in unethical behavior have been offered as explanations of police corruption.”(Martin 2011) explains on how Police corruption is one of the largest unethical behaviors in our society today, and Police corruption still exists, because of the fact that many law enforcement agencies have avoided hiring candidates
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