The Law, Justice, And Stability

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Society would be in turmoil if we didn’t have laws. We would live in a barbaric world without rights, justice, and stability. People would have many diverse viewpoints and would never be able to sustain relationships with one another. So the question is: what is the purpose of the law, what is it’s main objective and why is it uniquely capable of achieving unknown answers? The most deceptive motive is because we do in fact have protection, justice, stability and relationships in our society. The reason we have those things is the implementation of the law. Our society as a majority wants those values implemented in their daily lives. Our society is so large will never have one unified view on various subjects, so our system has been made that we are persuaded into the viewpoints of a majority. Additionally, the main objective of the law is to be a binding set of rules that persuade society into a majority view, in order to maintain a secure community. Our system of regulations in the United States serves the purpose of embodying the majoritarian perspective of society. Law is implemented because there needs to be a way to govern these various perspectives. Society needs guidelines to be able to survive, be organized, and not be chaotic. Moreover, according to the Constitution, we the people are the sovereign people of this system. That means people in society are actively living, and participating with the laws everyday. Not to mention, there are professionals whom society
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