The Law Of Conservation Of Energy

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This is my Theory: God desires to be relational and recreate himself, but it can’t be done because he stands alone, omnipotent. So he continuously creates, hopefully & lovingly, yet he continuously has to substitute himself reproducing only himself again. Having beside him... nothing but God. This is why he is praised forever and ever amen. But why he’s sorry when he has to wipe out the face of the earth with the flood during Noah’s time-- is that he is sorry that nothing is like him. What an honest and sincere claim for the God of the universe! Yet he strives to still create, loving his creations till substitution (of himself). Because some of his creation had to be destroyed due to God’s desire to be relational, yet loathe of sin. God can not recreate himself (Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed). There is only one God. That is why there is the law of conservation of energy- the energy therein can neither be created nor destroyed. This is what I believe. It happens to correlate with what author of engaging God’s world Mr. Cornelius Plantiga Jr. has to say. Plantiga, exclaims that love and hope are the two most pertinent things we long for as humans/Christians. Is he right? Of course. Can anyone deny when our master Jesus spoke the two most important commandments: to love the Lord your God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself? In doing these two things what comes to your life is one everlasting happiness and two
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