The Law Of Criminal Justice

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Criminal justice is tied into everything in our government, Social programs, Economic, Environmental, and Education. Criminal justice is also biased while being fair on many facets. A very important topic these days are that of the amount of force applied by law enforcement officials. Communities are very displeased with the way police officers are using their abilities to arrest an individual, they believe that police officers are doing it in such a way to inflict pain and disregard the well-being of the individual. Recent studies have shown that police officers, now, are under much scrutiny. Many new statutes govern the activities of officers and hence, enables them to do their duties; The Exclusionary Rules for example. The exclusionary rules helps defendants in the court of law throw impertinent information or evidence out as it was illegally obtained during search. During an illegal search, all evidence if not turned in prior or during a warranted search will be turned away with no exceptions. Police officers have the same set of rules with uses of force. A recent article written by Steven Malanga, explains that in 1994, congress passed a law named, “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act”. This law was put in place to keep track of all situations in which police had to interact with the public, it ranged from traffic stops to more serious offenses that needed force to be utilized. The most important fact about this law was that, American citizens over a
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