The Law Of Human Nature

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Emily Moffit Apologetics 23 July 15 1. The "Law of Human Nature" says that a man can choose to obey or disobey God. An opposite of this would be Lewis 's example of gravity which is a natural law and we cannot choose to have gravity. 2. They are appealing to some kind of normal behavior and they expect other people to understand. 3. First to give help due to instinct, second to keep out of danger due to self-preservation, thirdly the moral law which will decide for you if you have two opposite or conflicting decision. Instead of making the safe decision the moral law will help you make the best moral decision. 4. The moral law chooses the best moral decisions to help others, by not acting from instinct and from acting morally. 5. The "Law of Human Nature" is the law we feel most commonly compelled to follow but usually break because it is hard to follow. On the other hand the Physical laws can not be broken like human nature can be they are set facts. 6. The materialist view is thinking matter and space came about in some random way and have always existed. Materialists also think that matter created human beings in a weird offset way with chemicals and things coming together. 7. According to the Religious view mind is more behind the universe than most things. Assuming Lewis is referring to God, he says that "it is conscious and has purpose." He made us like him for a purpose. 8. Some sort of ultimate power creates the universe because the universe cannot create itself
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