The Law Of The Court System

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Supreme Court cases are always hard to deal with. Courts are always using old cases to help them with the new cases. Some are the same as the old ones, but the new ones are handled much better than the old cases mainly because lawyers and judges know how to deal with a specific situation more. Gideon’s Trumpet talks about the highs and lows when dealing with the Supreme Court system. This book focuses on the fair and unfairness of the court system and how Clarence Earl Gideon’s case was handled by those in control. Gideon’s Trumpet discusses a trial that may or may not have been done fairly. Clarence Earl Gideon believes that he was denied due process of law because he was not appointed a judge. As some may not, it is always protocol for the defendant to have a judge, does not matter if it is the best lawyer or the worst. Gideon filed his appeal and won. The process was long; it took thirty days for the opposing side to reply. Judges are allowed to review both sides to see exactly what is being discussed and if it is worth taking to court. When the reply had finally come in, on April 9, within the thirteen-page document states, “Gideon did not have the right to counsel under the rules of Betts vs Brady.” Betts vs Brady is a case that was tried almost seventy-four years ago. The defendant was the denied the right to an attorney by law enforcement and by the judge. The Supreme Court had taken their sixth amendment from them. Gideon, however, fought hard for his appeal.
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