The Law Of The United Kingdom

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This essay will elaborates the law making system in the United Kingdom, whilst consider the role of the House of Commons, The House of Lords and the Monarch in the law making process. In order to analysis the law making process, those content, which will be provided, are the different types of the bill and the primary legislation and secondary legislation and each of them will has the references. The different bills are included the Public bills, Private bills, Hybrid bills and Private Members’ bills. For the primary and secondary legislation, both will explain every stage that include the First and second Reading, Committee and Report stage, Third Reading. Then, this essay will compare the two legislations with advantages and drawbacks. In addition, an clearly introduction of common law will be give, also the hierarchy of the courts will be assess base on the question of which courts must are bound to follow precedent. For European Union law, it will be explained with examples. Finally, an assessment of the European Convention on Human Rights and Classifications of law will be provided.

I. The first source of law: Legislation 1.1 The different types of bill
Before we get into the topic of this essay, we first introduce the British bill. In the UK, there are many different bills, but these bills can divide into three descriptions. There are public bill, private bill, and hybrid bill. (The Parliamentary of the UK, 2007). Private bill means that the bill submitted by…
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