The Law Of The United States

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Women and men are protected by The Family and Medical Leave Act in the case of things like: family emergencies, serious health conditions, and pregnancies. The law requires an employer to allow twelve unpaid work weeks to be taken in a twelve month period every year. The United States Department of Labor states, “This law covers only certain employers; affects only those employees eligible for the protections of the law; involves entitlement to leave, maintenance of health benefits during leave, and job restoration after leave;. . . ” This may guarantee your job and health benefits to be kept during the twelve week period, but the law does not cover every employer. The law also does not require any pay during the entire twelve weeks. That…show more content…
The first reason the U.S. should mandate paid parental leave is women are less likely to leave their job. In many of these other countries the paid leave offered is typically longer than the twelve weeks offered in the United States. Women are leaving jobs because they are not being given enough time to bond with their child, and recuperate after their pregnancies. Google is one of the businesses in the U.S. to offer paid leave. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of Youtube, was the first employee to receive paid maternity leave at Google. She reports this to the Wall Street Journal, “When we increased paid maternity leave to 18 from 12 weeks in 2007, the rate at which new moms left Google fell by 50%. (We also increased paternity leave to 12 weeks from seven, as we know that also has a positive effect on families and our business.) Mothers were able to take the time they needed to bond with their babies and return to their jobs feeling confident and ready. And it’s much better for Google’s bottom line—to avoid costly turnover, and to retain the valued expertise, skills and perspective of our employees who are mothers.” The time and money spent finding new employees is no longer wasted when paid leave is presented to women. The time spent can, at times, be hard to calculate depending on if the person leaving has trained and gained a lot of
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