The Law Should Not Treat Kids And Adults Differently

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Dorish Nguyen
Professor Chichester
English 015
11 April 2016
The Law Should Not Treat Kids and Adults Differently

“If convicted, Leuchtner faces up to 16 years in prison.” This was almost as many years as I had known Lincoln Leuchtner. From kindergarten to the time he dropped out of high school, we had always attended the same school, and I watched him as he grew up. Lincoln was always a troubled child; he often acted out inappropriately and often lacked respect for those around him. When it came out on the news that Lincoln was arrested for robbing a 7-Eleven gas station at gunpoint, it was not a surprise to many. He was convicted as an adult and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. The decision to waive Lincoln from a juvenile to adult court was something that could change his life forever. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and given a $1000 fine. Had he been convicted in juvenile court, he may have received rehabilitation for his behavior. Unfortunately, this is something that is not uncommonly seen in the media today. This common societal issue has prompted Time Magazine to produce an article called “Should the Law Treat Kids and Adults Differently?” debating whether the law should treat minors and adults differently when it comes to the same crime committed. The author of this article, Jessica Reaves claims that minors should be subject to adult court because children today are experienced enough to understand the consequences of violence, harsh punishments…
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