The Law of Contract

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Law of Contract
The word "Contract" means a legally binding exchange of agreement or promises between two parties which the law can enforce. Contract law is originated from the Latin phrase know as "pacta sunt servanda" means promises has to be kept. Any kind of violation of any kind of contract is fully recognized by any law of the land and the result of such violation can be provided. In general life, almost every citizen makes contract everyday. For example, when purchasing a house, written contract is required.
However, in most cases majority of contracts are made verbally, for example in a case where a student purchasing a biology textbook from a fellow student, or purchasing a pizza at the Pizza Hub. Contract law can also be categorized as is habitual in civil law systems, as part of a general law of obligations along with tort, unjust enrichment or restitution.
It's a statement from any person such as sales talk which does not contain any legal relations. Therefore anything heard from a puffer has no action in contract and such statements are normally taken to be wrong. The puff does not result to any liability because it doesn't contravene any section of the law.
It's defined as a pronouncement, statement or any declaration of truth made in persuading another party or person into an agreement and which does induce them to go into an agreement, but the author of the statement only intended to deceive the partner by providing a false

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