The Law of Nature Must Carry its Punitive Consequences With It

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“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (1.4.98) but there are a variety of different infections that all contribute to one main conflict. Each character within the play has not only his or her own inner trials to fight against but also each of these issues form together to create the corruption in Denmark. Throughout the course of the play each character learns to deal with his or her internal battles and each conflict combines with others to create one singular, complex problem. It seems as though every issue ties together to form a tangled web leading ultimately to the demise of seven key characters. There isn’t a single character within the play that understands the big picture or the consequences of their actions. Because…show more content…
Though Ophelia does love Hamlet she chooses her father’s advice, Polonius, instead. Polonius is much like Gertrude because he is trying to help Hamlet, but also fell into Claudius’ scheming. Like any father figure he is concerned about the interactions between Hamlet and Ophelia which draws his attention away from the king and focuses only on Hamlet’s faults. It seems as though Polonius is a race horse with blinders on; only seeing one point ahead and not the danger beside him. His simplistic thoughts allow him to be an easily persuaded character and throughout the play we see him trying to impress whoever is with him at the time; proving the point that he is also a great contender in the decay of Denmark. Polonius is killed by Hamlet which leads to a new factor in the already messy equation called Elsinore; this factor being Laertes. Laertes is driven by revenge of his father’s death; a mighty cause with no understanding of the effects of his actions. During the rising action he is an insignificant character due to the fact that for a majority of the play he is at school in France; although, when news of his father’s murder reaches him he charges forth with sword held high and no knowledge of the events leading up to the crime.
“While Hamlet lollygags and broods over the murder for much of the play, Laertes takes immediate action” ( The main difference between Hamlet and Laertes is that Hamlet
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