Essay about The Law on Demonstrations of Rights

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Occupied the law on demonstrations attention of many individuals in the current period . Where abounded preparation demonstrations and became demonstrations factional does not represent all sides , but represent a few , which led to the government taking a decision to pass a law to pretend to reduce these demonstrations , which have become the only solution and the shelter first to turn to any even individual gain their rights without regard to the rights of other individuals. And pressure on the government to accept his demands and only spread chaos . And that it led to a split society into two parties . First party in accordance with the law on demonstrations to reduce riots and chaos and make the wheel production going and push the…show more content…
Ones that demonstrators do not have a commander led , but the leaders are manifold, and other leaders do not know the source , so each one is acting in his opinion and thought. Which leads to frequent disputes and everyone wants to be alone with his opinion . Which leads to frequent political disputes and lack of access to resolve these problems by pretending that they created.

The large number of demonstrations led to Economic problems . There is many economic problems had been appeared in Egypt due to demonstrations When the revolution in any country should expect economic decline for a period of more than one reason. The revolution, any revolution, must affect the degree of contentment investor (foreign and national alike) of what could come by the future, The rate of growth of output in the recession and increasing unemployment When security is deteriorating due to the circumstances of the revolution, declining tourism revenues, and increase transportation costs and risk insurance, are credited new reasons for the deterioration of the growth rate and the increase in unemployment. The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics,: the unemployment rate in Egypt has risen to record 13.4% of the total labor These is due to there is about 5ooo factory had been closed and these
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