The Laws And Policies Related Children

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The laws and policies related to children 10 year old Kim and her 14 year old half-sister Jodie have been removed from their home to their maternal grandmother’s home as they have seen unsafe drug misuse behaviour by their mother and Kim’s father. Jodie’s father is separated from their mother. Both the children are happy about staying with their grandmother, however their grandmother does not feel well and spends her time in hospital. Therefore, the local authority has suggested that the children should be placed in adoption. The grandmother has two other children who have agreed to take care of the children if the grandmother is unable to do so. In this essay I will be talking about the children’s case study. I have included a summary of the case study. In the essay I have covered the different laws and policies that relate to the case study. In this essay I have covered The Children’s Act 1998, The Working Together Document 2013, Every Child Matters policy, The Special Guardianship Order, Adoption and The Human Rights Act 1998. I have also talked about the sections in The Children’s Act 1998 and the process of adoption. The Children’s Act 1989 is put in practice to ensure that whatever decisions are made on behalf of the child is in the best interest of the child. The Children’s Act 1989 has different sections to it and when there is a decision being made on behalf a child, the decision maker ensures they relate it to The Children’s Act 1989. Section 1 of this act
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