The Laws Imposed By The Eu And The Parliament

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In Britain alone, it is estimated that on the work place there have happened at least 1.6m accidents every year, costing the industry at least £700m. Even though it feels like a big number, Britain is doing pretty good in comparison to other countries, as there are very strong laws imposed by the EU and the parliament, as a way of protecting the employees. For example, every time that Tesco employs someone, they will have to show them where the exits are, where the kit is, etc. In other words, they have to follow the health and safety legislations to make the work environment safe, and in turn, make their employees feel safe in their work environment. Statutory duties of employers and employees In previous years, health and safety in the work environment was particularly the business ' obligation. Nowadays, the employees have managed to gain more and more rights, as well as responsibilities, and the target is that the existing health and safety emphasis on everyone’s wellbeing, employees and employers alike, in the workplace. Employers, and businesses in general, have many different responsibilities towards their workers. There are certain statutory duties of employers and employees relating to health, safety and welfare that Tesco has to follow, which was created with an aim to make the employers provide things like maintenance, training and supervision, all having to do with the health and safety of the employees. The employers should likewise provide a protected work
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