The Laws Of The Bible

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Without the addition of emotion stories would become harder to enjoy, much like a school textbook. To combat this problem, authors create emotion by using certain words and phrases to engage the reader further into the story. These words and phrases can additionally be used to help readers better connect and understand characters within a story. Hester Gray is an elderly christian lady who values honesty over life. She is a sister to Margaret Lester and a twin of Hannah Gray. Hester lives her life according to the Christian Ten Commandments and believes the rules should not be broken under any circumstances; however, she later learns that her priority over saving her own soul over others is pure selfishness, which unknowingly contradicted…show more content…
Margaret Lester, mother of Helen Lester and sister to Hester and Hannah Gray, is a loving parent who wishes this best for her family. She was diagnosed with a deadly disease called Typhoid leaving her bedridden and quarantined. Due to her quarantine, she is only allowed to see Hester, leaving Helen without a mother. As a result of the abandonment of her daughter she is trapped in a consistent feeling of grief and sorrow. To combat this feeling of loneliness, Margaret and Helen Send love notes to each other as a form of communication. “She wrote fond little love-notes to her mother, in which she concealed her illness; and these the mother read and reread through happy eyes wet with thankful tears, and kissed them over and over again, and treasured them as precious things under her pillow.” (Twain 13). The unconditional love between a mother and child is one of the strongest relationship bonds that exist. This love is challenged many times throughout the course of life, but can sometimes defeat its struggles which in turn solidify its strength. Sadly, situations, such as the separation or death, is a fear that is too real at times. As a result, it causes a continuous search to once strengthen that love once again from both parties. Every character has a specific set of traits and personalities. A setting can used to exemplify or highlight these traits much like a child 's bedroom or a villain 's lair. In combination, these two assist in making a character
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