The Laws Of The United States

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A number of states in the United States of America have passed right-to-work legislation and the idea has recently been trending as more states are enacting the laws. There are still plenty of states that do not follow the right-to-work provisions, but in those that do, significant effects have been witnessed. Right-to-work legislation allows workers to collect the benefits of any union agreements within their company, but can choose to forego paying fees. Also, the employees in the states with right-to work provisions can join labor unions if they wish to do so without being forced by their employers to join a union as a requirement for employment. This paper will attempt to detail the history of right-to-work laws, explain current…show more content…
For instance, a worker in a unionized workplace and in a state with right-to-work legislation can decide to be represented by the union and at the same time opt not to pay the dues required by the union. This has developed to become a major point of contention for many labor unions which has caused them to fight back. The labor unions oppose the right-to-work legislation because they have degraded their abilities to fight for the rights of workers effectively. These unions depend on the membership dues as they help in keeping them funded and in enabling them to be more proactive on the issues regarding workers’ rights such as paid sick leave, overtime, and minimum wage. Many labor union representatives argue that the workers in unionized workplaces in the states that lack right-to-work legislation, tend to be better paid than the employees in states with right-to-work legislation. As per The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (2017), the largest federation of labor unions in America, the employees in right-to-work states make around $6,100 U.S dollars less in a year than the neighbors in the states that lack right-to-work legislation. Nevertheless, the push for right-to-work provisions has continued to increase, thus making the labor

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