The Layers And Cycles Of Writing. Like The Layers On An

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The Layers and Cycles of Writing

Like the layers on an oil painting, the more layers and revisions in a piece of writing, the more a piece glows from within. Similarly, the more pieces that I wrote during this semester, the more effortless it became to create each new layer. With lengthier papers due in shorter time frames, English 1102 forced me into a more efficient method of writing that still maintained its quality: the method of drafting. Though it meant binding myself into a long term commitment, using drafts solidified my writing process and provided an efficient alternative for my writer’s block. In and of itself, sticking to drafting was a challenge, but it has helped me better explore and develop my thoughts throughout the
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While writing this essay, I made appointments with the writing center and my professor, seeking out as much advice as possible. Each appointment, as well as my peer review, was another layer of improvement. On the other hand, the paper that I feel is my weakest, is my third paper, which is also the one with the fewest drafts. Because the topic I was writing was a personal narrative that was close to the heart, I felt uncomfortable with others reading it. This insecurity proved detrimental when I turned in my final essay with the nagging feeling that I wasn’t completely satisfied with it.

While I still have insecurities about my writing, my method of “drafting” has helped me overcome my biggest insecurity of all: writing the first draft. To my amazement, my dreadful writer 's block did not make a single appearance throughout this whole semester. Usually, I care so much about how other people perceive me that I can’t turn something in until it has reached my standards -- if it ever does. But realizing that the first draft does not have to be seen by others, and thus does not have to be coherent, helped me confront my perfectionism. For all my papers in this class, my writing process for my first draft consisted of writing a thorough and solid outline, and filling up each section of my outline with word vomit, getting the general ideas that I want to convey onto paper. That was all there was to

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