The Lead Forensics Investigator For Xyz, Inc.

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As the lead forensics investigator for XYZ, Inc. I have just been informed that our client, HCC Partners in Life has undergone an apparent breach of its medical records system. Its IT security staff detected some discrepancies in the intrusion detection system (IDS) logs, which is an open source application called Snort that is run on a Linux platform. Furthermore, it is believed that the intrusion was made when the database administrator received a peculiar e-mail from human resources. This e-mail contained an attachment that was opened and discovered to be empty. Afterwards, the database administrator’s information system, which is a Microsoft Windows XP workstation, commenced performing peculiarly after opening the attachment. XYZ, Inc. has been tasked with analyzing the HCC network, database server, and any workstations suspected of being affected by the breach, as well as any loss of data. The client utilizes a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database server. The client is known for taking these types of incidents to court for prosecution to the full extent of the law, so it is imperative that the investigation follows all procedures for documentation, digital evidence collection, and digital evidence storage required to ensure admissibility in court. Furthermore, XYZ, Inc. has been given four tasks that must be completed to ensure a clear and concise plan has been developed. This plan would then be implemented for utilization into the

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