The Lead Policy Maker Of The United States Of America Essay

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The lead policy maker in the United States of America is President Barack Obama. In his recent speech at the commencement of the United States Air Force Academy, President Obama shared four related to America’s foreign policy and role in international politics. In his four lessons, the President emphasized themes of power and security, which are the basis for the traditions of liberalism and realism - received emphasis. The writing that follows will analyze President Obama’s themes of intellectual pluralism with an emphasis on liberalism and realism, as evident in his address to the Air Force Academy. Firstly, this analysis will discuss liberal perspectives conveyed in President Obama’s speech, beginning with the economic superiority and dominance by the United States. Secondly, this analysis will address neo-liberal institutionalism, followed by an analysis of the United States’ acceptance of Kantian liberalism. Finally, this writing will examine realism. President Obama referenced numerous realist ideals but had a special focus on neo-realism. Bringing states together is the key to worldwide peace and prosperity according to the liberal point of view. Liberalism purposes three ways to unify states: economic activity, spreading democracy, and multi-national institutions. Subsets of liberalism centered on these designs are labeled economic liberalism, Kantian liberalism, and neo-liberal institutionalism, respectively. The unification of states is essential to any form of
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