The Leader Development And Assessment Module

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In today’s military, lessons are learned daily through the use of AAR’s and breifbacks, however in order to excel in the art of command, particular attention should be paid to the lessons taught in Module C130 Leader Development and Assessment. The topics taught in the Leader Development and Assessment Module are critical to the success of a Field Grade Officer in accomplishment of mission and personnel management. Long gone are the days of “Do it because I say so” or redoing work multiple times in order to teach the staff a lesson with no leadership guidance. Toxic leadership has come to the forefront and is now not only recognized as an issue, but joked about in many circles, yet some Field Grade Officers do not comprehend what it…show more content…
As a Field Grade Officer, other Officers may seek your guidance solely based on rank or position. The lesson on Leader Development and Assessment provides critical guidance on the purposeful development of junior Officers through counseling, coaching and mentoring. Developing young leaders through counseling is a more formal process with written or verbal discussions and can be used for events, performance, or mere professional growth recommendations. Although negative counseling may be appropriate at times, effective positive counseling must be done continuously in order to guide leaders to success and not just as a mandatory piece of annual evaluation reporting. Counseling is key for the junior Officer to know how he or she is doing and direct their attention to areas that need work. Counseling does not always infer whipping the horse into shape by finding and recording faults. Anyone could do that and find negatives. The real leader must use counseling to develop with effective praise and identification of weak areas simultaneously. Coaching is generally task or skill oriented where you can focus on specific end
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