The Leader Doesn 't Only Run An Organization

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Leaders are known to be leaders not by their title or by their position; they are called leaders because of the leaders “behaviors and attitudes of their followers where we find the difference between title executives and true leaders”. It is very important to have innovative leader for every organization. Its leader doesn’t only run an organization, but also the supporting followers have their part in it too. My example would be the time when I was just a volunteer for a healthcare organization and it had multiple branches. Just like other health organization, this facility had it’s own executive positions as well, however majority of the daily functions were looked by the director. The director had experience of 15 years of experience as a supervisor and Doctorate in public health, however the director didn’t have any experience as leader. On the meet and greet day, the new director Dr. Grant was introduced to all the staff, and he had his own introduction time where he was able to share his past experience, his inspiration and he also shared that he chose to become leader when saw he had the capability to become one.
As he was introduced to his role and his staff, he noticed the immediate position below was a assistant directors, who’s basically a shadow role for the director. As the days progressed, assistant director was reporting the daily functions to Dr. Grant. Dr. Grant was just observing the daily duties, and following up with supervisors/managers weekly. While…
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