The Leader I Will Position This Paper On Is Warren Buffet

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The leader I will position this paper on is Warren Buffet. A well known person in the business world as well as known the past years for his philanthropy, in partnership with Bill Gates has donated a large proportion of their income and investments to a foundation that fights poverty and several other causes that trouble this planet. I I first became actively interested in Warren Buffett in 2009 as a sophomore in college, then studying for management methods and great leaders. Since then I have been looking through the new and track down this man’s incredible career. With a course in business since he was eleven years old, Buffet went from a pin-ball machine owner in his teen year to a billionaire. He was described by his friends and family as a mathematical prodigy; Buffet completed his studies at the University of Nebraska and acquired his master’s degree from Columbia Business School under Benjamin Graham, which eventually became his mentor and employer. Various investments and entrepreneurship’s put Buffet today in the pantheon of living business legends, with the most significant the acquire of Berkshire Hathaway a textile business that was turned into a billion dollar organization. In addition, he owns a large percentage in Coca Cola, which he served as a CEO for a few years, but also subsidiaries that the past decade have skyrocketed to the Fortune 500, such as Geiko, Heinz, Washington Post and Exxon. The press and his coworkers have named him with many nicknames
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