The Leader Of A 21st Century School

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As the leader of a 21st century school one must embody the qualities that best reflect the ever-changing face of education. Traditionally, the leader of a school focused a large portion of time and energy on typical managerial functions within the school. These tasks, although important, will not propel a school to achieve excellence. Today’s school leaders must be visionaries who create a sense of purpose driven unity. As a transformational leader, one must also be the beacon of learning in establishing and effectively cultivating professional learning communities. One must recognize and further develop the leadership skills of those within the school in order to ensure the vision and mission of the school is achieved. Keeping in mind that student achievement is the core of vision and purpose of a school, a school leader must also ensure that the structure of the organization is centered on student driven instruction, which reflect the high expectations for all stakeholders. In order to be a leader of leaders one must also be on the cutting edge of technologies available, have a deep understanding of the rigorous curriculum and assessment requirements, all the while exhibiting the highest of moral and ethical system of values on a daily basis.

Dimension One
The underlying foundation of an effective leader requires one to have a true understanding of self and others. To develop the understanding of self, one must closely examine one’s system of values and beliefs,
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