The Leader Of Pop Art

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Childhood The leader of Pop Art, Andrew Warhola, was born on August 6th, 1928. His parents Ondrej and Ulja Warhola were both Czechoslovakian immigrants, before giving birth, they moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ondrej and Ulja had two elder sons named John and Paul. During his adolescence years, a plethora of different health disorders had affected Andrew, such as; Sydenham’s chorea and Scarlet fever. Andrew constantly received treatment which caused him to develop a fear towards hospitals. As he had poor health conditions, Andrew missed school and became an introvert confining himself to the solitude of his room; listening to the radio, collecting pictures, and becoming obsessed with celebrities. These activities initiated him to…show more content…
During this time Andrew became sick again and no longer attended his classes. In 1934, he attended school regularly, his teacher Miss Catherine Metz described him as a delicate boy, notably shy, and liked to draw. In the summer of 1942, Andrew began taking classes at Schenley High and lost his father, Andrew became devastated and did not appear at his father’s funeral. Soon after, he decided to alter his first name to Andy before graduating school in 1949. Upon graduating the Carnegie Institute of Technology, he received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, therefore; moved to Manhattan looking for work and resided in several different apartments. In one of the apartments he lived in he had met Tina Fredericks, she edited the art for Glamour magazine. In 1949, he had an assignment to draw shoes for the magazine. Glamour magazine misprinted his last name to Warhol. That mistake made him decide to revise his surname, which became famous after a short period of time. Career In 1952, the Hugo Gallery featured Andy’s exhibit. Obsessed with Truman Capote’s writing at the time, Andy dedicated his exhibit to Truman’s writings. While still working for Glamour, Seventeen, and Vouge as a commercial artist, Charles Lisanby; who maintained a valuable friendship with Andy, they vacationed around the world for two months. A couple years after he made his
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