The Leader Of The Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition

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Leaders are essential to any expedition, or group project. The thing that sets apart mediocre leaders from the extraordinary are the style in which they lead, their personal attributes, and their verbal characteristics. Sir Ernest Shackleton, the leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition on the Endurance, had exceptional leadership style, personal attributes and verbal characteristics. Each of these aspects contributed to Shackletons success as a leader.

The style in which Sir Ernest Shackleton lead included three very important demeanors that made him a great leader-- control, organization, adaptability. Shown throughout the story, Shackleton was very good at applying these skills into the way he lead the group. Clearly there
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This brings me to the next part of Shackleton 's leadership style; organization. Whether he was choosing a crew, or organizing everyone on the Endurance when it was tipping, and plunging into the cold sea, Shackleton always worked in an organized fashion. An example from the story was when he picked his crew very strategically, “From his flood of volunteers, Shackleton began to pick a crew. Some of the leader’s choices were obvious,” (7). This shows that he is organized and knows exactly who will help him in the adventure, and who will not. Finally the third aspect included in Shackleton’s leadership style was adaptability. Adapt means to make suitable changes to fit within the requirements or conditions. Shackleton did exactly that. He was able to make suitable changes to fit within the requirements or conditions. When Endurance was being crushed by the frozen floes, Shackleton changed his plans accordingly, “The pressure stopped again, and the Boss ordered the men to restore order to the jumbled ship,” (44). This quote is a clear example of Shackleton’s ability to adapt, as he could have left the ship and given up. Instead, he adapted. Another example of this was when the ship got stuck, Shackleton made suitable changes to the original plan to fit within the conditions; he planned for Elephant Island. Had Shackleton not adapted to the circumstances, the crew would probably have
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