The Leader Of The Order Of Vilgoth

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Screaming and grabbing his hand, Captain Githmark yelled for reinforcements, and as a result, several soldiers came running forward to join him, but one soldier who recognized Lord Nightburn immediately dropped to his knees, bowing. Puzzled by the private’s behavior, the captain angrily shouted, “Why are you bowing?”
“Sir, don’t you realize who that is? That is Lord Nightburn, the leader of the Order of Vilgoth.”
Captain Githmark took a closer look and realized his mistake and a big mistake it would be. “Lord Nightburn, please forgive me. I didn’t recognize you.”
Unable to forgive the captain for his insolence and participation in ransacking the town, but feeling somewhat altruistic, he delved out his sentence by chopping off one of his hands, and dishonorably discharging him from his army. “Remember that I spared your life and it was your arrogance and thievery that permanently deformed you, not my punishment.”
Screaming and holding his hand, the former captain ran off, but not before issuing this threat, “I’ll get you for this, Nightburn. I will get you for this,” leaving a blood trail in his wake.
Before remounting, he promoted the private to captain, and although bewildered by his new rise in status, he thanked him and attempted to provide an explanation. “Captain Githmark made us slaughter the entire town except for a young girl who fought us off. The captain said to leave her alone because she was too much trouble.”
Nightburn ordered the withdrawal of all

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