The Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-II Essay

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Kim Jong-Il was the leader of North Korea from the time his father Kim Sung-Il died in 1948 until his death in 2011. The Kim family remains in charge of North Korea with Kim Jong-Il's son Kim Jong-Un as it's leader. Kim Jong-Il and the other leaders in the Kim family have been made to look like gods and are praised by many in North Korea. I think that the Kim family will remain in power for a long time. I believe that if North Korea continues to be lead the way Kim Jong-Il lead it, North Korea will face a lot more problems with other countries, will be far more repressive, and there will be less freedom than there was before. The fact that Jong-Il's whole persona was made up and that the North Korean people saw him as a god and didn't…show more content…
Both Sung-Il and Jong-Il had many children and chose wisely when choosing their successor. Kim Jong-Il had five children, three of which were son's Kim Jong-Chul, Kim Jong-Nam, and Kim Jong-Un; he chose his youngest son Kim Jong-Un over his elder son's. It is said that Jong-Il did not choose either of his elder son's because of their gentle nature and his son Jong-Chul did not believe in blind obedience, violence, and nucleur weapons. The Kim leaders choose their successors by which son is more capable of following their ways and if they didn't and another son was in power instead, North Korea might have been very different from how it is now.

Things in North Korea changed quite a bit when Kim Jong-Il became the leader. In 1994, Kim Sung-Il said that there will be no nucleur weapons for North Korea and, whether or not he was being truthful in his statement, no nucleur weapons were used before his death. When Kim Jong-Il rose to power, nucleur weapons began being tested. From 1994 to 1998, North Korea suffered from a famine and their economy was bad, and during that time Jong-Il adopted a "Military First" policy, putting their army first and ignored the fact that his people were dying from starvation. With each new Kim family leader, North Korea becomes more repressed and the government cares less about the people of North Korea and more about their military and nucleur weapons.

In conclusion, the Kim family chooses their successors wisely and then they make up
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