The Leader's Challenge : Leadership Crisis

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An organization will rise as high as the leadership directs it; conversely, the same organization can be led down the path of failure if the organizational leadership fails to navigate the difficult path of leadership successfully. In the early 1980s, the Chrysler Corporation was on the verge of bankruptcy when Lee Iacocca stepped in to lead the company to profitability. The church faces a leadership crisis of its own. Over 4,000 churches are closing their doors each year in the United States (Wellman, 2013). In Henry and Richard Blackaby’s book entitled, Spiritual Leadership: Moving People on to God’s Agenda, the authors identify why there is a leadership crisis and what can be done to correct the problem. In the opening chapter of the book entitled, “The Leader’s Challenge,” the authors show an understanding of the challenges leaders face along with laying out the case for the need to address the issue. Christians who are leading secular businesses face the challenge of trying to be faithful to their convictions while their leadership team’s goal may be to simply make money at any cost. Church leaders face the challenge of trying to lead everyone to the same purpose and goals for the church. One of the challenges spoken of in chapter one is technology. Paradoxically, technology enhances our lives but also adds a new set of challenges for leadership. The speed at which technology changes makes keeping current difficult. What is new today is old tomorrow. The amount
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