The Leaders Of Isis And Their Wicked And Vicious Slaughter Of Christians

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Many Christians live in fear of ISIS especially because of their wicked and vicious slaughter of Christians. But should we live in fear of ungodly organization? When Christians demonstrate fear of Isis what hope are we giving to the world? How many of you believe that the leaders of ISIS can be saved? How many of you pray for the salvation of the leaders of this ruthless organization? The life of the apostle Paul first known as Saul, exemplifies why Christians should forgive ISIS for their wicked acts and pray daily for their conversion. Lets look back at Acts 7 beginning in verse 58 (set the context) “When they had driven him out of the city, they began stoning him; and the witnesses laid aside their robes at the feet of a young man…show more content…
We first met Saul in chapter 7:58 as the one at whose feet the robes of those who stoned Stephen were laid. Acts 8:1, he consented to Stephen’s death. 8:3, he began to destroy the church by entering the homes of the believers, and dragging off men and women to prison. Saul greatly persecuted the early church and caused the believers to be scattered. We would see in 9:1 Saul was breathing threats and murder against the Lord’s disciples. Chapter 9:1-2 he sought warrants from the Jewish authorities to arrest and bring back to Jerusalem anyone who is following Jesus. We learn more about Saul in his personal testimony. In 26:9, He did many things hostile to the name of Jesus. Acts 26:10, he voted for the execution of believers. Verse 11, he punished the believers in their synagogues and forced them to blaspheme the Lord. It’s obvious that Saul hated Jesus and all who followed Him as hated the gospel. He was a murderer and zealous for the law but on the path to hell because he did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Saul believed that his actions met the God’s approval because he faithfully maintained the beliefs of the Jewish religion. However, in this text we will see the transformation of his life and his name would later change to Paul. After Jesus he would become the greatest theologian, missionary, teacher and pastor and God would use him to start churches all over the world. He would
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