The Leadership And Peer Support Course

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#2 Personal Management Strategy The Leadership and Peer Support course that I began taking this semester taught me a lot about the students in my GPP class but also about my personal abilities and some skills that I will have to work towards in the future. This paper will carefully and specifically describe my leadership style, time management skills, stress management skills, assertiveness skills, and furthermore, how leadership opportunities in school can help me in the future. 1) Identify and describe the leadership style that is bested suited to my personality/ evaluate the type of leadership and peer support opportunities that suit me best I believe that specific elements of personality are directly linked to the leadership styles. My…show more content…
Some were very good which I also learned to use, but I thought that some people could play better with different fingerings. Then I assigned them the fingerings that suit each of their levels of playing. Many seemed to be pleased with the fingering they got. There is a member that started to play the cello not so long ago. She told me that she struggled with the advanced level of our orchestra. With the fingering I assigned her, she received a low A for her D+ scale, which is a mark she never expected to receive in this course. She told me that this test motivated her to practice harder. Through this experience, I learned again that a multitude of potential solutions thought by people on the team is much better than just one or two solutions set forth by the leader. The best possible outcome appears when opinions of all the group members meet together. Instead of simply assigning them what to do and expect them to play well, allowing the team members to assist in decision-making, to increase the team involvement, and finally to motivate them to work harder is the job of a participative leader. 2) Identify ways to develop my time management skills I have a habit of procrastinating for most of my tests, examinations, and assignments. I developed this habit in elementary school, so I never really thought of fixing it. However, as I got into higher grades, I realized that I should try to fix it before I go to university, where managing my
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