The Leadership Attributes Of Medical Health

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The current world faces a challenging issue regarding the leadership attributes of medical health cares. The emergence of the debating factor that whether a medical organisation should have a leader having the experience and knowledge of core business functions, or a medical practitioner should be in charge of the leadership designation. The better engagement between the health service leaders, the managers, and the doctors are needed to be achieved in order to enlighten towards the efficiency in leadership factor. Recently it is been observed that there has been increase in the recognition of the role of the various clinicians to provide the requirements and the demands in the organisation. Most of the hospitals generally seem to respond effectively towards the role of the clinicians in order ti execute an effective management policy along with initiating effecting decision making strategies. The review article of Lord Darzi can highlight this situation, according to which the model of the clinician engagement, leadership, and empowerment was based achieved with the involvement of the clinicians at the leadership level. The review also supported the importance of the World Class Commissioning programme, which emphasised towards the importance of clinicians in the decision making protocol. Taking the example of National Health Service (NHS) located in England regarding the approach, it can be summarised that the organisation trends to highlight the clinicians more towards
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