The Leadership Biography Of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

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I would like to discuss the leadership biography of “Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan” the founding father of the Emirate Arab United “EAU” throughout his long life. I have chosen a book titled “Zayed: Man Who Built A Nation”. It coveres all details about his life. It comprises the challenges that Sheikh Zayed confronted since he was elected in 1971 until his death in 2004. My interest is to illustrate the exclusive accomplishments of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan a Bedouin who lived in the desert and a leader of his people and for the good of the world. The book of Zayed: Man Who Built a Nation was written by Graeme H. Wilson including 734 pages. In the first place, the book mentioned that he was born around 1918 and died in 2014.…show more content…
He devoted his life to spending his God-given talents to improve his people’s living in the Emirates. He established a state of the most advanced countries have found in the modern architectural construction, Dubai has the largest projects in the world all times. Until now his people has been owned all the ingredients of life. Indeed, his motivational style, he was an inborn man, who led by example and never disremembered his heritages. Up until the end of his life, he continued unaffected by prosperity and authority and spent his years in the service of his people and working for the good of the entire people. I believe that it is this wisdom of humanity and openness which set him apart as one of the great leaders of the time. During his ruling time, the Arabian Gulf region was overwhelmed by poverty and difficulties in history. But Sheikh Zayed’s strong desire for accomplishment, stood up to the challenge, unleashing a renaissance of social and economic development. Two significant questions to be posted are: How did Sheikh Zayed overcome such serious obstacles at that time? What criteria he used to manage to build a modern nation? These questions reflect by all means his exceptional endeavors and his enduring achievements, through his sharp vision and wise leadership, he understood that by structure, support and rewards to conserving cultural heritage, pursuing and building a knowledge society based on solid foundations, real change

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