The Leadership Challenge Of Healthcare System Essay

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The Leadership Challenge in Healthcare System Manager Interview Like any other businesses these days, most healthcare systems face competition from other facilities around them. In order to be successful in this competition, the organization needs to improve itself every day. As Dye (2010, p. 27) mentioned, the role of the leadership is very important in the organizational changes and improvement since they are responsible for decision making and they create the mission and vision of the company. Sparrow Hospital Sparrow health system in one of the larger health care setting in mid-Michigan, and its main campus is located at Lansing. Its mission is “to improve the health of the people in our communities by providing quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time” (About Sparrow, 2016), and its vision is “to be nationally recognized as a leader in quality and patient experience” (About Sparrow, 2016). Sparrow health care system has more than 9800 associates who provide care based on ICARE value. ICARE stands for innovation, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. Supervision of a huge group of employees is not an easy job and needs a strong management team. Also, as ANA’s health system reform agenda stated the US healthcare system has many problems such as cost of health care, many uninsured patients, safety, and the quality of care(2008, p. 1). All of these problems make it harder for managers and healthcare executives to make a plan to provide a high
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