Essay on The Leadership Conundrum

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The Leadership Conundrum
Submitted to: Prof. L Prasad
On 21/11/2014
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of GMITE-VIII
By - Chandra Neha Mishra- GMITE08-112

I. Evaluate Modi’s experience at the supervisory training program?

Mr Modi’s experience with the executive training program was at the most very vivid and astonishing, the questionnaire
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In this case as well, Mr. Modi had to give emphasis on the above aspects right from the onset of forming the team by defining the objectives and goals for each of the individuals and for the respective teams
For each individual to deliver we need to motivate the person and rewards and recognition play an important role in motivation
Mr. Modi should have taken a one on one session with each of his employees, the performers and the non-performers and should have set them Individual targets by luring or motivating them with rewards and recognition programs.
He should have identified each one of their personalities, behavior and competence and assigned work accordingly
Well known Psychologist Abraham Maslow proposes that rewards and recognition plays and important role in motivation.

Following the above pyramid, Mr. Modi should have looked at Self Actualization Needs and Self Esteem , Worth needs and should have also driven on the aspects of Social Belongingness, he should have looked at pushing each of the individuals on finding satisfaction in using ones capabilities to the utmost, he should have looked at creating a rewards and recognition program for the performers like Jaitly, which would have really set a bench mark for the rest and motivated them to perform well, a sense of competiveness would have risen and each one would have tried and worked that much harder, he should have also created an atmosphere of
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