The Leadership Intervention Strategies For Rebuild Team Morale And Effectiveness

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Situation Karina Chen, who leads an organization called Chen Shan Lawyers, the law firm by which I had been employed as a paralegal, was responsible for leading one of the teams that mainly handled criminal and family law matters. Nevertheless, while failing to discern the importance of building positive relationship with team members, maximizing the output of the team seemed to be the only thing she encouraged and valued. As a result, the team had suffered from low morale and there was no trust between Karina and the team members. Complication Poor team relationships are undoubtedly detrimental to team productivity and possibly overall organizational performance (De Dreu and Weingarten 2003). As a team leader, Karina should never underestimate or avoid the challenge of maintaining and improving team cohesiveness in the workplace. The following will therefore critically evaluate the leadership intervention strategies available for Karina to rebuild team morale and effectiveness. Resolution In order to ameliorate such a situation, it is essential for Karina to recognize and interpret the nature of the obstacle and then implement corresponding intervention strategy (Joshevska and Petkovski 2014). According to the team leadership model, Karina was confronted with a team performance problem that requires internal relational leadership actions to be taken (Northouse 2015). Those actions may include ‘reconnecting with the team by regular contact and communication’ and ‘building
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