The Leadership Journey Of A Shepherd Essay

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THE LEADERSHIP JOURNEY OF A SHEPHERD My Personal Credo “God created man according to the likeness of His image…” I am God’s creation and I am created for a special purpose. I am special before His eyes and loved by Him unconditionally. I am His image that I have to live according to His standards, My words, my thoughts and my actions should bring glory to His name. “Man shall leave his father and mother and shall cling unto his wife and they become one…” I am head of a family, a husband to a wife and a father to two children. I should be model of good virtues, a leader of faith and a channel of God’s love. My existence should be in itself a wonderful legacy and my life should leave footprints worthy of emulation. “Jesus said to Apostle Peter, ‘If you love me, you feed my flock.’… I am a leader. This task is a sacred responsibility, my ministry and my mission. All my teaching and non-teaching personnel and my learners are my flock. As a leader, I should be a good influence to others. I should create a culture where everyone adopts the highest quality of service, shows passion and love and works as one family, as brothers and sisters, bound with a common aspiration to provide quality basic education to every learner. I should be a good motivator, a good mentor and an advocate of integrity, justice, fairness, humility and teamwork. As a leader, I should radiate inspiration and love. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your
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